Public Policy

In today’s political environment, having data at your fingertips can be the key to creating effective coalitions and advancing legislative agendas.

Metopio’s geographic layers include maps for all Congressional, state legislative and most major metropolitan cities.

Combine that with more than 500 publicly available data topics that populate each of these districts, and you have unique insights you can't find anywhere else.

You can –

  • demonstrate the impact of policies within geo-political boundaries or nationwide
  • generate thousands of turn-key district maps filled to the brim with public data sets
  • overlay election data, and so much more.

This Metopio insight shows a map of young adult mortality by Kentucky State House district, which could be used to discuss issues such as violence or public health.

When you only have a minute to make your point, pictures are worth a thousand words – and Metopio’s communicate millions of data points. Our unique algorithms put the data you need in context.

Bring data-driven insights and impacts to your position. Metopio's tools will help you demonstrate the impact to your neighborhoods, and constituencies, on the issues you care about.

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