Elections are an essential part of the democratic process. Metopio's geopolitical maps come loaded with millions of data points so you can identify trends and make predictions.

Metopio’s geographic layers include maps for all Congressional, state legislative and most major metropolitan cities.

Combine that with more than 500 publicly available data topics, including election information, and you have a powerful tool to understand constituencies.

You can –

  • understand election results within community context
  • generate thousands of turn-key district maps filled to the brim with public data sets
  • create custom regions, like school board districts or proposed districts during the redistricting process, which are instantly populated with thousands of data points using Metopio’s proprietary algorithms.

This Metopio insight shows participation by voters in Congressional districts.

Having data to help understand how populations are represented in districts is critical as the 2020 census approaches and redistricting is underway. Making data-driven decisions is critical.

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