Business Strategy

Your competitors are likely working with the same consumer information you have. So how do you find an edge in the market and quickly test your assumptions?

Metopio gives you the ability to go beyond your own data. Easily access millions of data points that provide community context to enhance your understanding of your geography and your customers.

You can –

  • Create your own geography, like a sales market, that is instantly filled to the brim with data.
  • Compare geographies to scale business solutions and share insights.
  • Test your assumptions with more than 550 curated topics, and so much more.

This Metopio insight demonstrates how wage costs vary across the country (shown at the household level).

Advanced analytics features

We know you need robust, verified conclusions. Metopio’s built in regression analysis helps verify apparent correlations and helps you avoid false starts to get ahead quickly.

Metopio image
Coming soon: a powerful multi-variable regression tool for even deeper insights!

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