Metopio is a data, analytics, and visualization platform for exploring, visualizing, and generating insights about places and populations across the United States.

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Why use Metopio?

  • Batteries are included.

    Start off with 600 datasets from the Census Bureau, EPA, CDC, and other government agencies, all curated, cleaned, and ready to go.

  • You’ll be more productive.

    Get 90% of the results in 10% of the time, compared to other analytics tools. When you can explore data in seconds, new opportunities open up.

  • It’s intuitive and easy.

    If you can find your neighborhood on a map, you can use Metopio. Create visualizations using natural searches like “food access in St. Louis”. Wizards, tutorials, and point-and-click controls take you deeper into the tools.

  • It works everywhere.

    Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, projection screen, stadium jumbotron: all the features, all the data, and none of the eye strain. Follow up with a visualization during a conversation rather than two hours later.

  • You’ll know more than your competitors.

    Metopio curates raw datasets into useful information, and our algorithms make data more broadly available. Enhance your own datasets with contextual insights.

Ridiculously Easy Data Tools

Metopio packs an enormous number of datasets, tools, and analytics into a single web-based platform that is incredibly fast, well-resourced, and easy to use. All Metopio users get access to our curated data library and this core suite of tools.

Data Curation

With any Metopio subscription, you have immediate access to millions of data points from publicly available sources. Each data point represents aggregated information about a place in the US, such as "average income by ZIP code" or "number of customers in each state." Data are stratified by age, sex, and race/ethnicity.

All the data in Metopio is curated for quality, with margins of error on every data point, and regularly updated. This allows you to draw insights and make comparisons with confidence. Our curated data come from public and proprietary datasets including the US Census Bureau, EPA, CDC, and various federal, state, and local government agencies.

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Get Metopio’s data across thousands of geographic locations from small neighborhoods to entire states. Add layers to see Census tracts, legislative districts and more. You can define your own service areas and market designations, and Metopio instantly calculates data for them. Share interactive maps or download them to tell your story.

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Metopio provides dynamic links for your maps and charts so you can circulate them to colleagues as interactive visualizations, or use them in real-time during meetings. All our visualizations are easy to download, save, and copy to help you tell a story. Each one is custom-designed to help you move faster and make better decisions.

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Metopio’s suite of intuitive tools deliver insights so you can understand what happened, why something happened and identify where it could happen again. Use the interactive scatterplot to explore the correlations behind variations in the data, find patterns, identify outliers, and tell a compelling visual story. Test your hypotheses with one-click verification through regression analysis.

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Searchable & Intuitive

Metopio starts providing insights right from the home page. Bring up any place in the country or any topic in our database using the site-wide search bar. Create a visualization straight from the search bar. Need help? The search bar delivers that too. Everything works on any device, of any size.

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Enhance Your Data

Unlock the power of your own data within Metopio using our custom data upload and curation process.

Data Preparation

Metopio can format, clean, aggregate, and provide quality review on every dataset you add to the platform to ensure it can interact with our curated data library. Metopio also has appropriate processes in place to de-identify HIPAA-protected data by converting them to aggregate statistics, which you can then publish or keep private.

All your datasets are belong to you, and you control who has access to the raw data and to each visualization based on your data.

Case Study: Illinois Cancer Registry

The state of Illinois provides a public-use cancer registry with de-identified data on individual diagnoses. Metopio cleaned, processed, and aggregated this dataset by ZIP code to provide age and gender stratifications for 13 different types of cancer. To ensure accurate analysis, Metopio converted the aggregated counts into risk-adjusted rates to enable comparisons across geographies. This entire dataset is now available to all Premium subscribers as part of their subscription.

Data Uploads

Metopio clients can add proprietary data to the platform to instantly enrich insights. Client datasets are hosted in a protected client workspace where you control all access. Metopio offers a number of data upload solutions, including:

  • Curation services, where our team prepares and loads your proprietary datasets
  • APIs for automated collection
  • Self-serve, client data upload Beta access

Metopio keeps your most important data at your fingertips, refreshed for multiple analyses. Costs for hosting your data are based on volume and storage.

Data Packages

Issues are complex and can rarely be understood with a single dataset. Metopio saves you time by identifying relevant data to an issue and building data packages to understand the complexity, identify proxies for missing or unavailable data, and provide ready-made analysis for your most requested topics. Packages are valuable for anything from healthcare cost drivers to completing Community Health Needs Assessments. Access existing data packages or have Metopio develop one to meet your needs.

Data Modeling

Take your statistical models to the next level by visualizing the results in Metopio’s maps, charts and analytics tools. Forecasts, predictions and risk scores can be shared with dynamic links, used in presentations, and compared to Metopio’s curated library.

Metopio’s advanced features include a custom multi-variable regression builder, similar to regression models found in popular statistics packages, except interactive and on the web. Our tools help you build models to understand your data, and share your insights with a broader audience, without leaving your browser.

Anaytics On Demand

Upgrade your Metopio experience with powerful add-ons customized to your issues and datasets, in the same user-friendly interface as our other tools.

What Pops?

A time-saving, insight-generating algorithm that searches our entire data library against a topic, place or population to identify meaningful correlations and interesting outliers.

What other topics appear to have an effect on a topic of interest, even after controlling for demographics and socio-economics? Metopio can take your priority topics and conduct an exhaustive analysis to highlight strong correlations, while sifting out hundreds of unrelated issues so you can spend your time more wisely. Conducting such an exhaustive analysis manually with standard statistical software could take months or years—Metopio presents results within a week.

$4,000 per analysis

Similar Places

Find places that look similar along any topics of interest. Reduce risk and increase the likelihood of success by using similar places to scale up your programs. Add as many or as few variables as necessary to get to your desired result, analyzed individually or as a group.

Available now to all subscribers as a beta feature.

Cluster Analysis

A k-means analysis groups any geographic layer, such as counties or ZIP codes, into a number of distinct clusters based on topics important to you. These clusters are then visualized in the platform as custom regions. Metopio’s cluster analysis includes a report characterizing each cluster and explaining differences and similarities. Clusters help stratify customers or plan programs based on conditions on the ground, while still maintaining a system-wide strategy.

$1,600 per analysis

Index Creation

Metopio can design and build an index or score based on any number of input variables, usually to represent a complex, multi-faceted issue or as a proprietary score branded for you. Metopio cleans, standardizes, and equally weights the input variables to produce a 0-100 score that enables apples-to-apples comparisons between different places. The score can then be published using Metopio’s maps and used in all visualizations on the platform, while remaining proprietary to the client.

$3,200 per index

Custom Dashboards

Do you want to customize our data and tools for a specific use case? Metopio can create tailored dashboards to meet client needs, with custom visualizations and automatic insight updates.

Scoped by project

Site Plug-Ins

Embed or include components of Metopio’s platform, such as maps of custom regions, on another site.

Scoped by project

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