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What does look like across the country?

We make it amazingly simple to find data on any place in the United States and put it into context.

Any aggregate geographic data can be shown in Metopio.

Start off with hundreds of data topics about individual, social, and environmental factors from numerous public and private sources.

Our data is hand-selected, curated for quality, and regularly updated. Every data point includes a margin of error.

A sitewide search bar makes it seamless to find what you’re looking for and move to the next step of analysis.

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How does stand out?

Metopio includes thousands of geographic locations such as counties, Census tracts, and legislative districts.

Metopio has data about any place you can think of, from small neighborhoods to entire states. Plus, you can define your own service areas and market designations, and instantly calculate data for them.

You can even model the impact of public policy with rich data for local, state, and national legislative districts.

We automatically tell you what stands out about each place, so you can get right to work. Or just close your eyes, pick a spot on the map, and start exploring!

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What’s the relationship between and ?

Stunning visualizations put all this data at your fingertips, and help you dig deep into the factors that affect what you care about.

Use the Metopio interactive scatterplot and other visualizations to explore the correlations behind variations in health, equity, and prosperity. Find patterns, identify outliers, and tell a compelling visual story. Test your hypotheses with one-click verification through regression analysis.

Starting from our entire universe of data, Metopio helps you rapidly focus on what matters and dig deeper in less time. The sooner you arrive at the right question, the sooner you can start to answer it.

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Why use Metopio?

  • Batteries are included.

    Start off with 500 datasets from the Census Bureau, HUD, CMS, and other government agencies, all curated, cleaned, and ready to go.

  • You’ll be more productive.

    Get 90% of the results in 10% of the time, compared to other analytics tools. When you can explore data in seconds, new opportunities open up.

  • It’s intuitive and easy.

    If you can find your neighborhood on a map, you can use Metopio. Create visualizations using natural searches like “income in St. Louis”. Wizards and step-by-step tutorials take you deeper into the tools.

  • You’ll know more than your competitors.

    We curate raw datasets into useful information, and our algorithms make data more broadly available. Enhance your own datasets with contextual insights.

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