New CDC Data: Analyze local chronic conditions anywhere in the U.S.

Examine 27 health conditions that place many Americans at greater risk for adverse outcomes from a COVID-19 infection.

Published Dec. 9, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expanded its successful 500 Cities Project data for 27 health conditions to show the prevalence of chronic diseases and the health impacts on underserved communities.

Previously available only in the largest 500 cities in the country, these indicators are now available everywhere – for every ZIP code, census tract, county, and legislative district in the United States! This work was done in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The same day this new PLACES dataset was released – Metopio added it to our platform so you could deepen your understanding of places and populations you care about.

What is PLACES?

This new dataset - Population Level Analysis and Community Estimates – is a first-of-its-kind effort to release local area health information including estimates for smaller cities and rural areas that were previously unavailable. It provides model-based population-level analysis and community estimates for these geographies.

In Metopio, you can examine the following topics at the county, Zip code or census tract level. Just click on the blue identifier to jump to the topic.

  • Visited doctor for routine checkup CHK
  • Visited dentist DNT
  • Taking medicine for high blood pressure MBP
  • Sleeping less than 7 hours SLP
  • Seniors up to date on core preventive services PRS
  • Poor self-reported physical health PPH
  • Poor self-reported mental health PMH
  • Pap smear use PAP
  • Obesity OBE
  • No health insurance NHI
  • No exercise EXR
  • Mammography use MMM
  • High cholesterol CHO
  • High blood pressure MHG
  • Diagnosed stroke STR
  • Diagnosed diabetes DIA
  • Current asthma AST
  • Coronary heart disease CHD
  • Colorectal cancer screening CLN
  • Cigarette smoking prevalence TBC
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) LNG
  • Chronic kidney disease CKD
  • Cholesterol screening CHL
  • Cancer (excluding skin cancer) CAN
  • Binge drinking BNG
  • Arthritis ATH
  • All teeth lost TTH

Why do these data matter?

Chronic diseases such as obesity, asthma, diabetes and others place many Americans at greater risk of contracting and suffering from a COVID-19 infection. Metopio addressed the issues around using incomplete and imperfect COVID-19 data, however the PLACES dataset allows you to look closer at places and populations you care about.

COVID-19 has brought urgent attention to the importance of gathering data on infectious diseases across the country. Often smaller cities and rural areas were left without access to this important health information so analyzing data for impacted communities and health disparities was difficult.

How to put data into action?

The CDC and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation outlined several actions they hope will come from the analysis of this new dataset including:

  • Inform target prevention activities, programs, and policies
  • Identify emerging health problems and priority health risk behaviors
  • Identify and understand geographic health-related issues
  • Establish key health goals
  • Identify geographic disparities in health among and within communities to inform strategies that address health equity

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