Metopio has data for 147,421 places across the country, representing many different geographic levels, from large areas like counties to small ones like neighborhoods and Census tracts. We also have local, state, and national legislative districts, and custom user-defined regions.


There are 50 states in the United States, along with the District of Columbia and territories including Puerto Rico.


The largest cities in the United States, those with at least 65,000 residents. This list comes from the CDC and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 500 Cities project. Use this layer to compare data across all large municipalities in the country.

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Counties are local units of government subordinate to states.

ZIP Codes

The ZIP code is a basic unit of geography, assigned by the United States Postal Service. ZIP codes vary widely in their sizes and populations.

Census Tracts

Census tracts are small geographies defined by the U.S. Census in order to provide local, neighborhood-level information. They generally contain about 4,000 residents each.

Cities and Towns

Cities, towns, villages, and boroughs, and other incorporated and unincorporated places as defined by the Census Bureau. See the Cities layer to view only the largest cities.


Neighborhoods of cities and towns.

Congressional Districts

Congressional Districts are the 435 areas from which people are elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. They are redrawn every ten years based on the decennial census.

State House Districts

Districts for the lower houses of state legislatures, usually called the House. Most states divide their legislative branches into lower and upper houses, with the exception of Nebraska and the District of Columbia, which do not have a lower house.

State Senate Districts

Districts for the upper houses of state legislatures, generally called the Senate. Most states divide their legislative branches into lower and upper houses. In Nebraska and the District of Columbia, the upper house is the entire legislature.

Local districts

Administrative districts of cities, towns, counties, and other municipalities.

Police precincts

Police departments often divide up their patrolling regions into precincts. The manner of division varies in each city, county, or jurisdiction.

Custom regions

Regions, defined by Metopio users, are composed of other geographies and can represent neighborhoods, service areas, municipalities, or any other areas.

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