Time-to-value with other analytics solution is way too long. Our intuitive interface means users create value from the first login.

You can generate insights and tell your story. No coding necessary. We give you the confidence to use data to answer questions.​

Metopio’s suite of analytics tools don’t require any training or coding. We give you confidence to use data to answer questions, test ideas and understand impact. Our self-service tools help users meet regulatory requirements, track KPIs, create reports, feed dashboards and identify new opportunities. Every analysis can be saved and shared as interactive visualizations so you can tell your story.


Visualize data across thousands of geographic locations from small neighborhoods to entire states with the easiest maps to use on the internet. Add layers to see Census tracts, legislative districts and more. Easily create custom regions for service areas or market designations— and Metopio instantly calculates data for them. Make the map you need with locations, labels, and even distance estimates.

Benchmarks and Trends

Move between maps and charts in one click. Compare any number of places on any topic over time or for a moment in time with charts and graphs. Then dig deeper. Add stratifications to examine race/ethnicity, age or sex or a combination where available.


Find relationships by exploring the correlation between multiple variables with an interactive scatterplot. Find variations, patterns and outliers. Test a hypotheses and use Metopio’s one-click verification to get the confidence you need to take act on your insight.

What Pops?

A time-saving, insight-generating algorithm that searches our entire data library against a topic, place or population of your choosing. Automatically identify meaningful correlations and sift out unrelated issues. Conducting such an exhaustive analysis manually with standard statistical software could take months—Metopio presents results in a day.

Similar Places

Need to scale up or replicate a successful program? Find places that look similar along multiple topics. This tool helps reduce the risk of scaling programs and can identify new business opportunities. Add as many or as few variables as you want from a dropdown menu and with one click you’ll be presented with new markets to explore.

Cluster Analysis

A k-means analysis creates geographic groupings based on topics important to you. Metopio’s cluster analysis includes a report characterizing each cluster and explaining differences and similarities. Clusters help stratify customers or plan programs based on conditions on the ground, while still maintaining a system-wide strategy. Cluster Analyses are available through Metopio’s professional services.

Index Creation​

Metopio can design and build an index or score based on any number of input variables to represent a complex, multi-faceted issue. Or have us build a proprietary score branded for you. Metopio indices enable apples-to-apples comparisons between different places and can be used in any of Metopio’s maps and used in all tools on the platform. Creating a custom index is done through Metopio’s professional services.