Keys to privacy on Metopio

Metopio is built for exploration and collaboration, but sometimes you want to explore before you share. Metopio’s privacy settings give you the flexibility to decide what you share and what you keep private.

These privacy settings apply in the same way across insights, regions and projects you create.

Metopio Privacy Settings

Metopio has three privacy settings.

Only I can see this = private to you

Metopio image

Only people on my team can see this = you are sharing with other registered users on your team. Here that team is Client Demo.

Metopio image

Publicly accessible to anyone with the url = this can be accessed by anyone who has the link.

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Note – Metopio insights that are publicly accessible to anyone with the url are not searchable on the internet. You can always determine the privacy setting by looking at it’s status to the left of the settings icon.

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How do I manage my Privacy Settings?

When you save something on Metopio, you will always have a privacy setting option with a drop-down menu under Privacy. You can change the setting as often as you would like, however if you have already shared it, you will also be changing the setting for anyone with the link.

For example, you shared this insight with a client so the setting was public.

Metopio image

Then you change the setting to team or just you. Your client will now be referred to the Login page. If they are not part of your Metopio team, even if they sign up for a free account or with their Metopio account they won't have access.

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Additional Security Features

There are two additional functions that help you control how others interact with your insights.

First, you can limit interaction to you and your team members. When you move the slider to the right, you prevent viewers from changing the insight view or controls so that they only see the data as initially shown.

Second, you can lock an insight. When you move the slider to the right, you restrict editing to anyone who is a team manager for your team on Metopio. Note, you cannot lock yourself out whew

Metopio image

In this example, the first toggle is to the right so you would be preventing viewers from changing the insight and the second toggle is to the left allowing any of your team managers to edit.

Just a reminder, privacy settings are mix and match. At each layer, you control access. We know it's important to you, so one last demonstration.

Privacy Example - Sharing a Project

Here you have a public project you are ready to share. It has one private region and one public region, and out of the 4 insights one is private. Anything in orange will remain private.

This is your view.

Metopio image

This is your client view.

Metopio image

Be sure to use the descriptions to help your user navigate the project. We also offer free partner instructions you can download and brand if you want to encourage them to explore the insights.