How insights work

Metopio's Insights

As you explore data on Metopio, you view that data in the form of insights like maps, charts, and scatterplots. Here's a map of data about rent costs across the country.

The data in this insight comes from the US Census Bureau. Hover and click on the map to see the data point for each individual county.

When you find an insight you like, you can save it to your workspace using a button like Save. Your workspace holds all the insights you or your team have saved across Metopio.

Sharing Insights

Every insight can be shared using its unique URL or using social media share buttons. All insights are set to Private by default. If you're sharing the insight with someone outside of your team, make sure its privacy is set to "Publicly accessible to anyone with the URL", or they won't be able to see it.

When anybody clicks on your link, the insight will open for them to look exactly like it does for you. They can view the insight in different ways, such as changing the time period or zooming in and out, but they cannot permanently change the insight. However, if you update your insight in a similar way and save it, their copy will change to look exactly like yours.

You can see all your insights in your Workspace.

Copying Insights

You cannot edit insights created by other Metopio users, but you can copy them and make them your own. Simply open the insight, click the drop-down next to the icon, and select "Make a copy".