Change your default state

Some of Metopio’s visualizations open with one of the 521 US states pre-loaded. You can tell Metopio what state it should start with—your default state. You can always choose a different state if you have a national subscription, but this saves you time. Since Metopio is based in Chicago, many of our staff have selected Illinois as our default state. (It’s also the best state.)

Here’s how to change yours:

Metopio image
Go to “My Profile” in the top-right of any page.
  1. Open your Profile from the drop-down in the top right of any page.
  2. Click Account and Settings.
  3. In your “Personal Settings”, change the Default state drop-down. Save the form.
Metopio image
Select the state you want from the drop-down.

If you do not see a “Default state” drop-down, you may not have a subscription allowing you to see data below the state level. This option is only available when you can see ZIP codes, Census tracts, and other places that are viewed state-by-state.

Once you've change your state, it will be selected by default in maps, charts, and scatterplots. Remember, this is only a preference—you can always change the state in any visualization (as long as you have a multi-state license).

For instance, whenever you view ZIP codes or Census tracts in a map or scatterplot, it will start with your default state.

Map of Kentucky
This person selected Kentucky as their default state, which is unfortunate because it’s not Illinois, but we’ll allow it.

1: For our purposes, DC and Puerto Rico are included as states. Not only is this the right thing to do (they both have more people than some other states), but you can also select either one as your default state.