Create a Custom Region with your Filtered Map

Take your filtered map to the next level.

If you have found the perfect geography for your work using Metopio's map filter, save it as a custom region so you can use it again and again.

From your filtered map, click on the Copy to clipboard button. This will save the selected geographies from your filtered map only.

Metopio image

Next click on Regions in the top menu bar to take you to the Create a custom region form.

Fill out the details on the form, and select the geography layer you used on your map. Here we used counties. Paste the geographies you copied into the Add a list of geographies box. You can paste from your clipboard with CTRL+V or with a right click of your mouse.

Metopio image

Click on Save and Metopio will calculate all the data available for this new region so you can now use it like any other geography in the platform.

Metopio image

This new region will be saved in your custom regions whenever you need to access it. To learn how to use map filters, use the Help Center's Multiple Topics on a Map.