With 400+ million curated, pre-loaded data points, users don’t need to add a single piece of data to the platform to start making critical decisions.

All datasets are curated and waiting for you, and the Metopio team is here to help.

Data Curation

With any Metopio subscription, you have immediate access to millions of data points from verified sources. All the data in Metopio are regularly updated and curated for quality, with margins of error on every data point. Draw insights and make comparisons with confidence.

Our curated data come from public and proprietary sources including the US Census Bureau, EPA and CDC, among many others. We are always searching for and adding relevant data for our users. Data are also sourced from non-governmental organizations and research institutions. Each citation leads you back to the source.

Data Preparation

Metopio can format, clean, aggregate, and provide quality review on every dataset you want to add to the platform to ensure it can interact with our data library. Metopio is HIPAA-compliant and has appropriate processes in place to de-identify HIPAA-protected data by converting them to aggregate statistics, which you can then publish or keep private.

All your datasets belong to you. You can easily control who has access to the raw data and to each visualization based on your data.

Data Upload

Metopio clients can add proprietary data to the platform to instantly enrich their analysis. Client datasets are hosted in a protected workspace where you control all access. Metopio offers a number of ways to add or extract data:

  • APIs for automated collection
  • Curation services, where our team prepares and loads your proprietary datasets
  • Self-serve, client data upload Beta access

Data Packages

Issues are complex and can rarely be understood with a single dataset. Metopio saves you time by creating data packages with relevant data and proxies for missing or unavailable data, for ready-made analysis to help with your most frequent requests.

Packages are valuable for anything from analyzing healthcare cost drivers to completing community assessments. Access existing data packages or have Metopio develop one to meet your needs.

Data Modeling

Metopio’s advanced features include interactive regression building, forecasting, predicting and risk scoring, all of which can be shared with dynamic links, used in presentations, and compared to Metopio’s curated library.

Our tools help you build models to understand your data, and share your insights with a broader audience, without leaving your browser.