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Advocate Aurora Health leverages data to equitably locate COVID-19 testing sites.

To identify areas most in need of community COVID-19 testing sites, Advocate Aurora Health turned to Metopio’s pre-populated, curated data to understand community context through a new lens.

By layering additional data—including a COVID-19 Risk Score and Social Vulnerability Index created through Metopio’s partnership with the UIC School of Public Health—they were able to validate their community knowledge and clinical data.

Their assessment gave a more holistic picture of need and helped them target limited resources. They leveraged trusted community partnerships to locate mobile testing sites in communities and adjust access—drive-in or walk-in—based on household vehicle ownership data in Metopio.

At a time when positivity rates in Illinois overall were 3.4%, the communities Advocate Aurora identified had positivity rates of 8%. Caregivers were able to deliver tests in communities that were disproportionately impacted and refer people for treatment people when they needed help. The team will use Metopio’s equity analytics when providing vaccinations in the future.

“Understanding community health is a necessity not a luxury, now more than ever. Our past experience informed our investigation, so we had a solid understanding of where to add indicators to dive deeper.”

— Jackie Rouse, Director of Community Health

“Metopio’s granular, timely and unique datasets enhanced our internal data and validated our experience.”

­— Bonnie Condon, Vice President of Community Health and Faith Outreach

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New Moms gets granular to demonstrate the impact of the pandemic.

New Moms, a non-profit organization, coaches young moms in Chicago who are experiencing poverty and homelessness, as they take control of their lives and futures. Located on Chicago’s West Side, New Moms provides housing, job training, and family support services. Because the families served by New Moms experience multiple vulnerabilities at once, Metopio is a helpful tool to establish community-level baselines and identify trends.

Especially during COVID-19, having granular, community-level data has been extremely helpful. Using curated COVID-19 data coupled with other community-level metrics at a ZIP code level has allowed New Moms to write proposals for emergency funding that accurately demonstrated community-level health equity challenges—already vulnerable communities have seen greater health, morbidity, and economic impacts of the pandemic.

The easy-to-understood visuals, fueled by Metopio’s data packages, amplified the need for support and helped New Moms’ applications to stand out among the competitive field.

“Metopio is so easy to use, and gives us a decided advantage when preparing grant proposals—we can narrow in to articulate the multi-faceted challenges facing young moms in our community.”

— Hilary Morreale, Institutional Giving Manager

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Redistricting Insights moves 4x faster with Metopio.

Every 10 years, the United States Census is taken and new political districts are mapped. Redrawing districts to reflect population changes is one of the most important and contentious parts of governing.

Redistricting Insights is a team of professionals who understand the legal obligations of the process. They ensure their clients have the information and data necessary to draw compliant and fair boundaries that elevate the engagement of all segments of the community.

Deadlines are hard and fast, meaning the process requires questions or challenges on proposed maps be submitted in a short time frame. Feedback must be driven by data, and it must be accurate.

Custom regions can be quickly created in Metopio with all the data instantly calculated for it. This drastically decreases the time it takes to respond to questions and iterate to achieve desired outcomes.

“I save four hours per data set just by not having to prepare it for analysis. As an added bonus, Metopio’s dynamic interface allows me to present and answer questions in real time.”

— Fabian Valdez, Jr., Chief Demographer, Redistricting Insights

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Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans focuses policy work on equitable access.

Medicaid is one of the largest line items in any state budget. It is highly scrutinized and often the subject of endless iterations by legislators and state agencies to drive down cost while improving outcomes. The Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans (IAMHP) works with them as well as advocacy groups and Medicaid patients to invest in high-quality, cost-effective health care.

But COVID-19 has laid bare the challenges of having adequate access to the healthcare system, especially for patients managing chronic conditions.

IAMHP used Metopio’s data upload and visualization tools to analyze travel times for patients going to appointments. The analysis showed significant travel times, which helped key stakeholders understand where gaps existed in the network.

The easily understood assessments helped policymakers focus on solving an immediate need—access to preventative care—instead of trying to boil the ocean.

“I was able to turn around assessments for a state legislative hearing with Metopio’s support that brought hard data to questions policymakers had in the moment. The easy-to-understand maps and charts were an excellent resource for the committee as they made their policy decisions.”

— Samantha Olds Frey, CEO, Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans

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Third Horizon Strategies uses data to drive solutions to healthcare disparities.

Third Horizon Strategies (THS) works with communities, policymakers and healthcare leaders across the country who are tackling the toughest healthcare issues—from substance use disorders to behavioral health to the impact of structural racism.

THS provides clients with market intelligence, policy ideas and strategies for transforming operations, all to meet the needs of vulnerable communities. And data drive these recommendations.

While healthcare data have tremendous value, they are often siloed and hard to integrate. Metopio helps THS’s team of data experts distill complex and disparate data into easily understood visualizations so their clients can grasp the issues and act on the insights.

“Access to Metopio’s expert data curation and visualizations means I don’t have to spend hours formatting data and interpreting it for a broader audience. I can use my time testing and validating ideas that drive the solutions that our clients need.”

— Ashley DeGarmo, AM, LSW, Director, Third Horizon Strategies

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Illinois Health Practice Alliance targets resources for specific social determinants

The Illinois Health Practice Alliance (IHPA) is a clinically-integrated behavioral health network striving for “whole person” care. To be successful, IHPA must understand the network of resources needed—and available—to support complex patients. In addition to medical care, this includes job services, rental assistance, food access, support groups and so much more.

IHPA’s system of providers and partners is driven by best practices and data. Metopio provided a cluster analysis to group similar patient populations from across the state and isolate relevant social determinants.

The analysis gave IHPA the information it needed to negotiate a contract to ensure the right community resources were in the right places to address specific social determinants of health. This unique approach to clustering has helped IHPA build learning networks across similar populations, and ultimately scale member-level initiatives with less risk.

“Metopio’s data provides an essential foundation to understand the communities where our patients live. Working with them to identify similar communities across our network allows us to link aggregated demand to aggregated supply through a consistent clinical model. The Metopio team is smart. They bring creative ideas, deep knowledge and are invested in your success.”

— Gilbert Lichstein, Chief Clinical Officer, Illinois Health Practice Alliance

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