The data platform you’ve been waiting for,

built by people tired of waiting for it.

Metopio is a start-to-finish insight tool driven by curated, verified data.

Wherever you live and work, we made Metopio for you.

What does Metopio mean? (met-TOE-pee-oh)





Metopio’s ridiculously easy data tools help you discover deep insights and plan meaningful actions for places and populations that matter to you. We help you go beyond your current understanding of a place and those who live there.

We built Metopio to illustrate the complexity around us, liberate data that is currently stuck in spreadsheets, and tell stories through easy visualizations and powerful analytics that require no prior training.

Metopio is growing every day, and currently includes:

Every data point represents aggregate information about thousands or millions of people, together with a margin of error.


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