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We know that demographics, socio-economics, health, transportation, and the environment all affect each other.

So we built Metopio, the easiest data visualization platform for showing how everything is connected.

Wherever you live and work, we made Metopio for you.

Metopio is growing every day, and currently includes:

Every data point represents aggregate information about thousands or millions of people, together with a margin of error.

What does Metopio mean? (met-TOE-pee-oh)





We take you deeper than maps alone by providing a clearer understanding of the factors that influence places around the country.

Our approach comes from our founders’ background in the classics—the Roman and Greek languages and civilizations. The classics are perhaps the only field where one can study an entire civilization at once, grasping the whole as well as its constituent parts. In ancient Rome and Greece, the politics was inseparable from the religion, the literature, the history, the language, and the story of community.

We believe that communities today are similarly interconnected, but that a focus on one topic to the exclusion of the others often obscures the relationships. For instance, when we focus on housing, we often miss how today’s housing crisis is driven by poverty wages, racial discrimination, and the lack of affordable transportation. Our healthcare system is burdened by the effects of poverty, low education, and air pollution.

We built Metopio to illustrate this complexity around us, through easy visualizations and powerful analytics that require no prior training.


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